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2021: DGCNN is selected as Most Cited Paper within 5 Years in TOG

2021: DeepFashion is selected as Top-100 Most Cited Paper within 5 Years in CVPR

2021: AI 2000 Computer Vision Most Influential Scholars

2020: Nanyang Assistant Professorship

2020: CelebA is selected as Top-10 Most Cited Paper Within 5 Years in ICCV

2020: Winner of the Video Virtual Try-on Challenge

2019: HKSTP Best Paper Award

2019: Winner of the FAIR Self-Supervision Challenge

2018: Winner of the COCO Detection Challenge

2017: Winner of the DAVIS Video Segmentation Challenge

2017: ICCV Young Researcher Award

Talks [Youtube]

2021 @ AI Technology Summer School: AI-Synthesized Media and How to Detect Them

2020 @ ACM MM: Sensing, Understanding and Synthesizing Humans in an Open World

2019 @ ICCV: Learning Diverse Human Representation in the Wild

2019 @ VALSE: The Glimpse of Detectron: Dynamic Forwarding and Routing in Modern Detectors

2018 @ Berkeley: Learning Video Parsing, Tracking and Synthesis in the Wild

2017 @ VALSE: Deep Learning Human-centric Representation in the Wild

2016 @ Google: Deep Fashion Understanding

2015 @ CUHK: Formulating Structure for Vision Problems

2014 @ SIGGRAPH Asia: Fast Burst Images Denoising

2013 @ HUST: Pathological Microscopic Image Segmentation (in Chinese)


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