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Ziwei Liu 刘子纬

Assistant Professor

School of Computer Science and Engineering

Nanyang Technological University

Email: ziwei.liu at ntu.edu.sg

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Short Bio

Prof. Ziwei Liu is a Nanyang Assistant Professor at School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE) in Nanyang Technological University, with MMLab@NTU. Previously, he was a research fellow (2018-2020) in CUHK (with Prof. Dahua Lin) and a post-doc researcher (2017-2018) in UC Berkeley (with Prof. Stella X. Yu). His research interests include computer vision, machine learning and computer graphics.

Ziwei received his Ph.D. (2013-2017) from CUHK / Multimedia Lab, advised by Prof. Xiaoou Tang and Prof. Xiaogang Wang. He is fortunate to have internships at Microsoft Research and Google Research.

His works include Burst Denoising, CelebA, DeepFashion, Fashion Landmarks, DeepMRF, Voxel Flow, Long Tail, Compound Domain, and Wildlife Conservation.

His works have been transferred to products, including Microsoft Pix, SenseGo, and Google Clips.

News [Twitter]

[2022-11] We have released OpenXDLab and OpenXRLab Toolbox.

[2022-11] Area Chair for ICCV 2023.

[2022-10] Yuanhan won the first place in Computer Vision in the Wild Challenge.

[2022-10] Area Chair for CVPR 2023.

[2022-10] Yuming and Jiawei are awarded Google PhD Fellowship 2022.

[2022-10] Associate Editor for IJCV.

[2022-09] We are organizing IJCV SI on The Promises and Dangers of Large Vision Models.

[2022-09] 1 paper accepted to NeurIPS 2022 and 3 papers accepted to NeurIPS Datasets Track 2022.

[2022-09] Ziqi is awarded Global Undergraduate Award Regional Winner.

[2022-09] We are launching The AI Talks.

[2022-08] 3 papers accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 (2 journal-track papers).

[2022-08] Area Chair for ICLR 2023 and AISTATS 2023.

[2022-08] Ziqi is awarded Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal.

[2022-07] We are hosting PointCloud-C, OmniBenchmark and PSG Challenge.

[2022-07] We are organizing ECCV 2022 SenseHuman Workshop.

[2022-07] 13 papers accepted to ECCV 2022.

[2022-05] 2 papers accepted to SIGGRAPH 2022 (2 journal-track papers).

[2022-05] 1 paper accepted to ICML 2022 and 1 paper accepted to MICCAI 2022.

[2022-05] We have released StyleGAN-Human and OpenOOD Toolbox.

[2022-04] Area Chair for NeurIPS 2022 and WACV 2023.

[2022-04] Invited talk (slides) at ICLR 2022 workshop on Socially Responsible Machine Learning.

[2022-03] 9 papers accepted to CVPR 2022 (3 orals and 6 posters).

[2022-01] 2 papers accepted to ICLR 2022.